Telemach družbena omrežja

Translating products to content, converting engagement to results

How do you tackle lightning-fast telecommunications industry specifics? Our answer for Telemach, one of the biggest communication companies in Slovenia: concentrating social media posts and campaigns on exceptional, target-and-data-based content, timing them perfectly, closely monitoring essential KPIs and reacting to statistics instantly. Result: massive reach & awesome engagement on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as peak performance with higher revenue from social media.

Strategically solid core & fluid action

Comprehensive social media marketing strategy with clear focus, but flexible and reactive content as a sales-fixer.


To establish suited communication for the very broad target group, detailed research was crucial.

Prior to strategy drafting, we were interested in:

  • telecommunications market circumstances in Slovenia
  • target group specifics, their consumer habits and needs,
  • Telemach products, its practice and specialties,
  • telecommunications social network market in Slovenia,
  • successful practices in similar fields.


We created comprehensive strategy that synthesized a distinctive social media signature, content plan that enables on-going presence, communications and customer care guidelines and proper tone of voice.

Telemach družbena omrežja
Building a bridge between customer’s behaviour and sales.


Quantity should not exclude quality. Every single post is deliberated, its creation is data- and opportunity-centered. Always interesting, inspirational and useful – aligning with the customers.

Customer care guidelines

Quality communication with customers is vital, especially in social media. Quick and friendly communication is essential, particularly in crisis situations. So, we defined associated guidelines and tools for administrators’ and communicators’ use and created a downloadable whitepaper.


Successful prediction of hot topics, use of language that speaks to people and instant reaction to content opportunities make broad reach and engagement possible. But the key to successful distribution is data-based targeting.

Eyes on the KPIs

Integral matrix of key KPIs helps us recognize the successes, trends and shortcomings of social media marketing. Daily analysis of these and the data we get from the Telemach web page & shop enables instant reaction, retargeting, remarketing and follow-ups.


Flexibility is the king! In ever-moving, ever-changing and ever-competing world of social media and telecommunications marketing we have to be able to step up to the plate and do some action. Copywriting, technical targeting, analytics, project & campaign management and design – we do it all, hand in hand with Telemach.


Excelling in engagement and reach equals successfully funneling customers to the purchase of Telemach products and services.


in engagement on social media (among telecommunication companies in Slovenia).


as many Slovenes are reached on a weekly basis (unique visitors).

Several times

higher revenue from social media.

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