Revija Preprosto

Engaging content that drives loyalty & sales

Only a few years ago, Lidl Slovenija felt it was time to reach beyond standard promotional leaflets and treat families to a high-quality print magazine that puts simple food on a pedestal. With this approach, Preprosto tackled an important challenge: to deliver superior quality that creates a new, powerful brand and inaugurates Lidl as a buyer-focused retailer.

Simply Preprosto

The most internationally acclaimed print customer magazine in Slovenia that pushes all possible pleasure buttons and even sells! Here are multiple award-winning essentials: top quality editorial production and 100% original writing (all done by locals), visuals and charming design that solidify new standards in publishing.


For the desired effect of the magazine (brand recognition, loyalty, engagement and sales rise with initially zero-cost strategy) content of Preprosto had to be spot on.


We analyzed

  • Lidl Slovenija customers and their shopping habits,
  • key messages Lidl Slovenija wanted to express,
  • the community of bloggers, influencers and food enthusiasts  (as possible contributors),
  • celebrational traditions and family rituals in Slovenia,
  • trends and best design & content practices in similar niches.


In partnership with the PR team at Lidl Slovenija a concept of the magazine was schemed to even the smallest detail.

Superb content

We wanted to use the knowledge Slovene food enthusiasts and bloggers have on the content we wanted to produce: useful and simple recipes that leverage actual sales, meaningful content that builds trust and amusing pieces that nourish loyalty and appeal to readers, especially women who make most grocery shopping decisions.

Authentic messages

Magazine’s content follows three key messages:

  • You (customers) are Lidl Slovenija’s inspiration in everything it does/sells.
  • Lidl Slovenija works with local talent and supports them wholeheartedly.
  • Lidl Slovenija is the best, modern and affordable supermarket chain in the country. Their products – many of which are local – are tested multiple times and are safe and of best possible quality.

Bold goals

We knew only the best content could support a bold decision: sell the magazine as opposed to giving it out for free. Magazine has been mostly sold out and Lidl Slovenija is thus strengthening its position as a top quality retailer also through a top quality magazine that is a part of an overall extensive content marketing program.


Captivating visuals and texts that symbolize homeliness, family, warmth and cosiness with different formats: recipes, articles, human interest stories … Content is meticulously thought out and reaches to various spheres of life.


Lidl has more than 50 shops in Slovenia which are the only distribution channel for the magazine. Each issue is promoted with posts on social media that reach well beyond Lidl’s own channels.


Preprosto is PM’s yearly engagement, producing two issues – for spring & summer and end-of-year holidays.

Each issue

is planned 6 months ahead.

Editorial teams

from Lidl and PM meet weekly.

The authors

have become Lidl’s ambassadors.

Since its first issue, Preprosto has been very well accepted by Lidl Slovenia customers as well as marketing peers around the world who have awarded it with several PR and marketing prizes.
Tina Cipot, Lidl Slovenija

Content Marketing Award

Retail Publication (2017, 2019)

Silver Pearl Award 2016


Gold Quill Merit Award 2017



Best Print Magazine (2015, 2016, 2017)


Best Cover (2016, 2018)


Best Design (2017, 2018)

You were able to produce high-quality publication with very limited resources. Given the description of the audience and their aspirations and activities, we thought this work would be difficult to improve on. This is a well-executed, professional-looking product. Well done!
Golden Quill jury
A corporate magazine that is beautiful, useful and sold is a reflection of smart strategy and a great team.
POMP 2017 jury
This is a great example of how a supermarket can weave in their products in a way that doesn't feel too intrusive to a reader. Every page design solidifies this magazine into a well worth purchase.
POMP 2018 jury
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