Sistem za upravljanje vpoklica vozil

Turning a predicament into an opportunity

As "Dieselgate" happened, tens of thousands of cars had to be fixed and owners were annoyed as car recall for them was nothing but pure hassle. Usually there is a dilemma in situations like these: embrace and address the resentment head-on or just let it be. With Porsche Slovenija, the resolution was obvious: let’s make this situation as easy and as pleasurable as possible for the car owners. So, in just 3 months PM developed a tool for managing recall action EA189, a highly intuitive car recall platform, used by Porsche Slovenija managers, service partners and their servicemen.

It enabled perfect control of the handling process from the moment the client inserted their personal code on the web page, reserved a service date, brought the car for maintenance and checked out other cars while waiting to the moment he or she drove off with the car fixed. The results were outstanding. It was well worth calling a spade a spade and cater to the unique needs of the initially disappointed.

Brand loyalty through A-Z customization

Creating a data-driven, technically demanding but simple-to-use client management and tracking system that consolidates working processes, builds relationships that translate to brand loyalty.


Turning logistically complicated service into a manageable and hands-on approach to each client, called for a substantial research.

We needed to dive into:


  • The potentials of work system at Porsche Slovenija.
  • The work flow between Porsche Slovenija and its dealers for Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA brands.
  • The needs and expectations of car owners, whose trust in the car brands was weakened by the “Dieselgate” affair.
  • The details of “Dieselgate” problem.


Creating a complex tool with simple and effective results took some thinking and action.


  • Devise a diagram of the process and activities that is the base of system’s backbone and a model for every future customer handling.
  • Activate the technical, creative and production teams that work together in establishing errorless, connected and automated system.
  • Advise the client on approaches to customers (means of invitation and service date reservation, offering different means of transport during service, treating each waiting client with champagne or coffee, attending to each waiting client by sales representative, loading credit on a loyalty card after completion …).
  • Folow-up activities to track the customer’s satisfaction.


We had to create a system that enabled:

  • stress-free, helpful service,
  • tracking and follow-up for each client,
  • real-time data individualising the experience for every single client and
  • a tool for an effective work process.
Sistem za upravljanje vpoklica vozil


System was custom made, used by service partners of Porsche Slovenija (service advisers, directors of service partners, directors of brands, top management). PM presented the system briefly at a workshop. More wasn’t needed as the system was designed thoughtfully, so the learning curve was very short and the use highly intuitive.


The “Dieselgate” car recall is mostly completed, so this custom tool is half-closed. However, the system proved to be extremely valuable for the service industry and could be applied to a variety of purposes.


Evolution and growth of service quality, successful brand trust building and nearly 100 % satisfaction rate translates to future cooperation between PM and Porsche Slovenija.


Porsche Slovenia's service partners used this online tool for managing recall action.


individuals from Porsche Slovenia and its partners used this tool daily.

40 000 +

customers were involved in the process which was entirely managed through this online tool.

3 years

is the timespan during which this tool was used for its primary purpose. It is still in use for certain activities.

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