A pioneering approach to cycling

Transforming service to a custom experience. Just ride.feel.good. And repeat.

Exercise is all about hanging out with a trainer that inspires you, listening to music that hypes you and feeling good, doing full body cycling, turning pedals, stretching, lifting weights. That’s the Ride Berlin concept PM wanted to incorporate into the new web site that would support company’s expansion and site’s technical upgrades. But we also wanted to customize the experience for recreation enthusiasts. Want morning training with pop music in the background? No problem – you’re 3 clicks away from personalised scheduling options. Want to keep track of the effects of your workout? Just write the number of trainings and you’ll be surprised. Yes, people are being taken care of and they appreciate it. They are building an ever-stronger community that is a guarantee for Ride Berlin’s success.

Smart and customized approach

Analyse. Think. Create. Achieve. That was our modus operandi in the challenging task of creating a smart site navigation and pioneer customized modules, upgrading users’ tracking system and integrating new corporate image.



Optimizing customers’ experience and decision-making process, making it not only easier but also fun as can be.

The Plan

  • Scheme the site design that embodies and promotes the spirit of Ride Berlin – simplicity, fun, sports and healthy lifestyle.
  • Build an open site with multiple options that enable extensive data collection.
  • Create customised web functionalities for successful movement of customers through the sales funnel.
  •  Scheme an effective plan of distribution and promotion.


Optimized site navigation & design that embodies the spirit of Ride Berlin.

A pioneering approach to cycling
Customised scheduling tool with personalized scheduling options.
A pioneering approach to cycling
Wall of fame and personal tracking system for customers.


PM devised a plan of optimized advertising through innovative channels and effective promotion. Result: halved advertising budget needed for the same number of page visits and growth of purchases.


The site is in the hands of Ride Berlin. Well-thought wireframe and technical solutions enable them to use the site to its fullest potential. PM is now commited only to security, CMS and occasional minor technical updates.


Less budget, better outcome.


less advertising money spent for better result (more page visits and purchases growth).


higher monthly visit rate.


more time spent on page (due to more subpages visited in one session).

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