Ljubljana, 28 June 2016

Press release

PM, poslovni mediji, Slovenia’s largest content marketing agency, has become a part of the C3 network, the biggest and most successful content marketing agency in Europe. C3’s vision is to become the largest integrated global network of digital agencies with a focus on content marketing.

The new alliance between PM, poslovni mediji (PM) and C3 is is built on their common understanding of the strategic development of communication linking content, technology, and marketing with a focus on digital activities with a strong foundation of understanding content marketing and the production of content.

Talks regarding capital ties and a strategic-development partnership between C3 and PM ran for more than a year. During this time, C3 analyzed and assessed the professional competence and creative strength of PM, as well as the direction of its development, the quality of its services, its clients, its business excellence and its results.

According to the agreement, PM will maintain business and development autonomy, while the acquisition will ensure the lasting and long-term stability of PM and will lay the foundation for its continued development among the leading communication agencies in Slovenia and, in the future, Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans. The material basis of the partnership is the duty of both agencies to provide results for their clients, the highest quality services, and technological development.

As a member of the C3 network, PM, which currently generates more than half of its revenue in digital communications, will carry on and strengthen its digital and content marketing services for clients in Slovenia and the region. The partners have already begun cooperating on some projects for C3’s existing clients as well as on attracting new, common clients. This cooperation will also provide better access to markets that are important for Slovenia and Slovenian exporters, which will expand the services on offer from PM and improve the effectiveness of complex communication challenges, which even the best Slovenian firms are faced with in foreign markets.


Igor Savič, owner and managing director, PM:

“The partnership agreement with C3 confirms that we’re now a part of the most vital communications trends and processes and, at the same time, opens up for us a new development vision and opportunities. PM is becoming a European and global agency headquartered in Slovenia, which is interesting news especially for all companies with a development or international focus. We will more easily be able to ensure our clients the most effective communications solutions, which are based on the creative and tested principles and tools of digital and content marketing, as well as access to world markets.”

Primož Inkret, owner and executive director, PM:

“C3 isn’t just the biggest, it’s also a step ahead of all others regarding the understanding and integrity they offer clients. This partnership gives PM the chance to offer and test in the most challenging communications markets the ideas, innovations, and comprehensive understanding of the most demanding communications challenges that we have developed so far. For our communications experts and employees, as well as our future coworkers at PM, our partnership with C3 means stability and numerous opportunities for personal professional development. At the same time, new personnel with ideas, energy, and knowledge will have great opportunities at PM as a result of the partnership.”

Gregor Vogelsang, director responsible for strategy and internationalization, C3:

“PM is certainly one of the most interesting communications stories in Slovenia and the region. It’s a creative and innovative content marketing agency, and it’s distinguished by its thorough and in-depth understanding of communications, particularly digital solutions. Its geographical position, knowledge, and the top-notch comprehensive projects that it has realized are the basis for a long-term and development-oriented partnership and cooperation. We are happy to see them join the C3 network, which isn’t just a network of internally connected companies, like the networks generally established by advertising agencies, but is a tightly integrated system with internal cooperation, regular common projects, and the intertwining of different knowledge and experience.”

Rainer Burkhardt, owner and director, C3:

“Because of PM’s long-time presence on the international market, we’ve already known each other for years, which is why from the very beginning of C3’s development into a global power in the field of content marketing, we’ve wanted them by our side. Its focus on achieving results and effects for its clients is a crucial part of its success. We’re excited to welcome their entire group into our top-level team.”


Lukas Kircher, owner and director, C3:

“I have seen PM team give presentations all around the world. It’s really amazing how a company from Slovenia can have such a reach and a team with such high quality. In the past year, I also learnt that PM is well-run and well-organized, is committed to bringing results for their clients, is really innovative in the use of technology, has a positive and creative energy, and more than anything is an agency with a very positive attitude and ambitions.”


About PM

PM, poslovni mediji is a strategic communications agency which offers a wide range of communications and marketing services using the principles and tools of content marketing. As the first specialized content marketing agency in Slovenia – established in 2005 – PM systematically develops approaches, solutions, and tools of content marketing for its clients, which are based on a comprehensive understanding of the digital communications environment, as well as creatively developing basic communications and media tools. PM’s creative solution was chosen this year for the digital advertising campaign promoting Slovenian tourism around the world. Among its clients are a number of both Slovenian and multinational companies: Škoda, Triglav Group, Slovenian Tourist Board, Porsche Slovenija, Adria Mobil, Harley Davidson, Telemach, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Lidl Slovenija, NLB, Akrapovič, Unicredit Banka, ELES, Slovene-German Chamber of Commerce, Union Hotels, KD Skladi, SIQ, Edition Digital, Morela Ophthalmologists, Artros and others. For these clients, PM develops comprehensive content marketing strategies as well as numerous digital and classic communications tools, media, actions and projects. The firm’s staff numbers around 30 employees and its turnover last year exceeded two million euros. PM has had an international presence since its inception: it is a cofounder of the International Content Marketing Forum; it is the organizer of the POMP Forum international conference; and its experts regularly judge content marketing and advertising awards and lecture at the largest professional events in Europe, Australia, and North America.


About C3:

C3 came into being just over a year ago with the merger of two content marketing agencies in Germany: KircherBurkhardt and Burda Creative. Last year, one of the biggest and most successful British agencies, Seven, joined the C3 network, which also established business partnerships in North and South America. C3 is the largest European network of digital experts with a focus on content marketing, while at the same time it is one of the hottest and fastest-growing modern communications agencies in Europe with global ambitions. They perform progressive digital and classic content marketing services for numerous multinational corporations: VW, Škoda, Audi, Allianz, Deutsche Bank, Porsche, Bentley, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Swarovski, Airbus, Sainsbury’s, Hyatt and many more. C3 is distinguished by a comprehensive understanding of the digital environment, a strategic outlook, and top quality of all its communication services, the proof of which is in its successes on the European and global markets. The company currently employs over 600 people, has more than 80 regular clients, and boasts nine regional offices, including Slovenia. Additionally, C3 generates annual revenues exceeding 100 million euros.


Contact information PM:

Igor Savič, igor.savic@p-m.si GSM: 041 641 786

Primož Inkret, primoz.inkret@p-m.si GSM: 041 355 100