We write stories and code. And we love it.

We are a technologically and strategically driven marketing agency with content at the core of our business. As part of our holistic approach we plan, analyze, produce and distribute to deliver measurable results.

Perfecting Social Media presence

How do you tackle lightning-fast telecommunications industry specifics? Our answer for Telemach, one of the biggest communication companies in Slovenia: concentrating social media posts and campaigns on exceptional, target-and-data-based content, timing them perfectly, closely monitoring essential KPIs and reacting to statistics instantly. Result: massive reach & awesome engagement on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn as well as peak performance with higher revenue from social media.

A system for managing recall action

As "Dieselgate" happened, tens of thousands of cars had to be fixed and owners were annoyed as car recall for them was nothing but pure hassle. Usually there is a dilemma in situations like these: embrace and address the resentment head-on or just let it be. With Porsche Slovenija, the resolution was obvious: let’s make this situation as easy and as pleasurable as possible for the car owners. So, in just 3 months PM developed a tool for managing recall action EA189, a highly intuitive car recall platform, used by Porsche Slovenija managers, service partners and their servicemen.

An award winning B2C magazine

Only a few years ago, Lidl Slovenija felt it was time to reach beyond standard promotional leaflets and treat families to a high-quality print magazine that puts simple food on a pedestal. With this approach, Preprosto tackled an important challenge: to deliver superior quality that creates a new, powerful brand and inaugurates Lidl as a buyer-focused retailer.

Perfecting Social Media presence
A system for managing recall action
An award winning B2C magazine

Our clients have trusted our creativity, knowledge and vision to solve their problems. Great marketing stories have been born along the way. Here are some of them.

How do we do it?

By doing whatever needs to be done. We have the knowledge, technology, experience and skills. And we do not give up.

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Research and insight

Knowing is having the power to improve. That's why we're always searching for the answer to one question: what can we do better so that you get what you were promised - and more? We believe in solid data as the foundation for making informed decisions every step of the way.


Strategy and planning

Be it an immersive digital experience or a beautifully designed piece of paper, nothing exists without being part of the bigger picture. We create what we plan for and we plan solutions that deliver value to users and our clients as well.

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Sound and picture, word and byte, letter and number, human and machine: we give ideas form and function. We connect the dots and build whole new worlds, filling them with meaningful content to ensure a memorable customer journey.



We measure success by the numbers we see, not the feelings we have. We carefully select, measure, and improve the means to deliver content, because we want your message to get across to those who matter to you.



Every project needs a good manager, someone who understands your needs and demands, turns them into a challenge and motivates the team while making sure deadlines are met and promises kept.

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Collateral products

Born out of the complexity of the many challenges we have successfully met, our own custom-developed digital tools will give you a head start over a diverse range of obstacles.


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